Hosting your content yourself

Yes, I know, creating a website seems like a complicated task at first. But trust me, if you’re the kind of person that uploads pictures to imgur on a daily basis, having your own little personal server might give you the opportunity to have an easy-to-use, fairly safe and personal tool to do just that. No need to learn HTML or any complicated language. What you need is to find a good web hosting service, find their least costy offers, and maybe use a CMS like WordPress if you would like to sort your pictures by albums, or build some kind of a graphical design around your pictures.

hosting images

Now I’m not an expert at web hosting, and when I think about it I’ve used personal websites because my digital paintings were actually not very safe nor profitable on DeviantArt, Pinterest, and such. So I actually built a website, put some ads on it, and here we go : my original content was on a platform that I owned, and it was generating a couple cents. What more can a girl ask for ?

Jokes aside, please consider that alternative if you upload photos of your family and friends. WordPress offers many plugins that allow you to secure your content and keep track of the IPs that are connecting to your website, which proves to be something fairly useful when certain issues occur.

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